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5pc Pipe and Tube Cutter Kit, includes Spare Blades and Gloves. Fast, Ratcheting One-Hand Pipe & Tube Cutting Tool
SKU: DT30363


Experience superior cutting with this kit, boasting high-quality tools crafted from durable manganese steel for longevity. Replacement blades always ensure sharp and precise cuts, while the ratchet design offers easy one-handed operation, enhancing efficiency in any task.

Safety is paramount in this kit, featuring an auto-locking function to prevent blade bounce-back during cutting. A rust-resistant, heat-treated blade ensures durability, while the rubber handle and stainless buckle provide a secure grip for user comfort.


HIGH-PERFORMANCE TOOLS - The kit houses tools made from sturdy manganese steel, promising high hardness, good toughness, strength, and durability. Uses SK5-42mm blades ensures sharp, precise cuts for optimal results. Includes 3 replacements blades and protective gloves.

USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN - Designed with the user in mind, the tools feature a ratchet drive for easy, one-handed operation. An auto-locking function ensures safety by preventing blade bounce back, while a rubber handle and stainless buckle offer a secure, comfortable grip.

WIDE-RANGING APPLICATIONS - The tools are ideal for various tasks, suitable for home handymen, plumbers, electricians, and vehicle mechanics. They can cut most types of plastic (PVC, CPVC, PP, PEX, PE, rubber hose) and multilayer tubing, making them an essential addition to any toolbox.


• Manganese Steel Tools: High hardness, good toughness, strength, and durability
• Quality SK5-42mm Blade: Ensures sharp, precise cuts
• Ratchet Drive Design: Allows for easy, one-handed operation
• Auto-Locking Function: Prevents blade bounce back, ensuring safety
• Rubber Handle and Stainless Buckle: Provides a secure, comfortable grip
• Cutting Capacity: Less than 1-5/8in (38mm) outer diameter


-- For the home handymen: The tools are perfect for various DIY projects around the house.
-- Perfect for plumbers: The tools can cut most types of plastic and multilayer tubing, making them ideal for plumbing tasks.
-- Suitable for electricians: The ratchet drive design allows for easy, one-handed operation, making the tools convenient for electrical work.
-- Essential for vehicle mechanics: The tools' durability and cutting capacity make them suitable for automotive tasks.
-- Convenient for professionals: The kit's versatility and ease of use make it a valuable addition to any professional toolbox.

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