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66ft Power Rechargeable 4x360Deg Self-Levelling Laser Line Level with Accessories and a Case
SKU: DT10708


Experience a new level of precision with a 4D 360-degree self-leveling laser line level. This innovative tool projects two horizontal and two vertical lines, providing comprehensive coverage for floor, wall, and ceiling applications. The adjustable 4/8/12/16 line system offers fine positioning, making it ideal for working in different parts of a large room.

Equipped with a high brightness green beam, this device is visible even in sunlight. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and with a wall mains charger, that can offer up to 8 hours of service time, making it more cost-effective than traditional AA batteries.


ALL-ROUND LEVELING COVERAGE - This exceptional tool projects two 360° horizontal and two 360° vertical lines, offering comprehensive coverage for all around the room. With adjustable 4/8/12/16 line system for fine positioning, it provides an accuracy of ± 1/10 in at 32ft, and a maximum indoor working range of 30 feet.

POWER EFFICIENT AND RELIABLE - Featuring a high brightness green beam, this device is visible even in sunlight, extending its usability to outdoor applications. Equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it offers up to 8 hours of continuous service, making it a cost-effective choice over traditional AA batteries.

PRECISION AND CONVENIENCE - The laser level comes with a self-leveling alarm system and a 10m remote control for easy operation. When out of the auto leveling range, the device will beep and flash continuously. It also features a 360° manually smooth rotary base and fine tuning knobs for precise adjustment of laser lines.


• Laser Level: 4D 16 Line, 4x 360° (4/8/12/16 lines are adjustable), ± 1/10 in at 32ft accuracy, 30 feet indoor working range.
• Power Supply: 1 Lithium-ion batteries (2pcs included), up to 8 hours service time.
• Operating Temperature: 14℉ to 113℉(-10℃~ 50℃).
• Application: Indoor and Outdoor.
• Launch Angle: Adjustable.
• Wall Attachment Distance: 7mm.
• Automatic Leveling Range: ±3°.
• Laser Class: Class I (21CFR 1040.10/2022), <1mW power output.
• Material: Aluminum Alloy Chassis + Engineering Plastics.
• IP Rating: IP54.
• Working Range: Radius 33ft / diameter 66ft.


-- Ideal for precise alignment when fixing tiles, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of walls and floors.
-- Suitable for wall decorations, providing precise positioning for a professional finish.
-- Excellent for fixing stair handrails, ensuring accurate alignment for safety and visual appeal.
-- Useful in the construction of walls, floors, and ceilings, providing all-around leveling coverage.
-- Perfect for outdoor projects requiring extended laser range, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

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