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68pc 75mm & 25mm Long Hex Shank Driver Bits Set with Ratcheting Bit Handle
SKU: DT09002


Experience the blend of durability and versatility in this driver bit set. With long hex shanks and a black oxide coating, these tools are designed for longevity and performance. Crafted from hardened 6150 Cr-V steel alloy, they promise resilience against wear and rust.

The set's wide array of extra-long and standard-length hex driver bits cater to diverse tasks. Each bit is meticulously designed to fit various types of fasteners, enhancing its utility. Conveniently packed in a compact, book-sized case, it offers an efficient solution for storage and transport.


SUPERIOR DURABILITY - The resilience of this driver bit set is underlined by its construction. Made from hardened 6150 Cr-V steel alloy and coated with black oxide, these tools resist wear and rust. The extra-long hex driver bits and standard-length driver bits are designed to handle rigorous use while maintaining their high performance.

VERSATILITY AND CONVENIENCE - This set is not just about durability; it's about adaptability too. With a range of driver bits, including security heads, security Torx, and more, it caters to different fasteners. Whether it's home repairs or professional tasks, this set is up to the challenge. And despite its extensive tool range, it comes neatly packed in a compact, book-sized case for easy storage and transport.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE TOOLS - These tools are crafted for high performance. The extra-long hex driver bits reach recessed areas, while the standard-length bits handle regular tasks with ease. A bit driver handle and drill driver adaptor further enhance the user experience. It's a comprehensive set that combines practicality and efficiency.


• Hex Shank Driver Bits (18 pieces, 75mm) - Material: Hardened 6150 Cr-V Steel Alloy, Feature: Extra-long for
18pc x 75mm Extra Long 1/4” Hex Driver Bits -CRV
- SL4-6mm; PH1-PH2; H4-5-6mm
- 3-Slot, 4-Slot Security Head
- Security Torx: T10-T15-T20-T25-T30
- Triangle: 2.3-2.6; - Pin Spanner: U4-U6
48pc x 25mm 1/4” Hex Driver Bits -CRV
- SL3-4-5-6mm; PH1-PH2-PH2-PH3
- H1.5-2-2.5-3-4-5-5.5-6mm
- Security Torx: T8-10-T15-T20-T25-T27-T30-T40
- Triple Square XZN: M5-6-8; Triangle: TA2.3-2.6
- Pin Spanner: U4-U6-U8; Tripoint: Y1-2-3-4
- Clutch: 1-2-3; Adaptor Bit
- Square: S0-1-2-3-4; Torq: 6-8-10
Bit Driver Handle
50mm Drill Driver Adaptor


-- Home Repairs: The variety of tools makes it suitable for various home repair tasks.
-- Professional Use: The robust construction and wide range make it a practical choice for professionals.
-- Recessed Areas: The extra-long shanks allow these bits to reach recessed areas, increasing their utility.
-- On-the-go Repairs: The book-sized tool case makes it easy to carry, suitable for on-the-go repairs.
-- Rust-Prone Environments: The black oxide coating provides resistance against rust, making these bits ideal for use in rust-prone environments.

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