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6pc Car Roadside Assistant Emergency Kit including Jumper Cables, LED Head Light, Rain Poncho and Tire Gauge
SKU: DT30266


Navigating the unpredictable nature of the road becomes less daunting with a comprehensive roadside emergency kit. This compact, lightweight set offers a suite of high-quality tools, designed for durability and practicality during roadside emergencies.

The sleek nylon carrying case neatly houses all the essentials - from jumper cables to an LED headlamp. A unique blend of functionality and convenience, this kit is an essential addition to any vehicle, providing peace of mind and practical solutions when they're needed most.


DURABILITY AND CONVENIENCE - The compact nylon carry case not only ensures durability but also offers easy storage and access to the tools. Its lightweight design allows it to be stashed away in the car without causing clutter. The zippered opening ensures that the tools are secure yet readily available when needed, making it an ideal companion on the road.

PRACTICAL TOOLS - Included in the kit are a set of robust jumper cables, a tire pressure gauge, and rubberized work gloves. Each tool has been selected for its practicality and reliability. The jumper cables are a must-have for battery-related issues, while the tire pressure gauge enables regular monitoring of tire health. The gloves provide protection during those unexpected roadside repairs, adding to the overall safety aspect of the kit.

ADDED BENEFITS - In addition to the practical tools, the kit also includes an LED headlamp with an adjustable strap and a weatherproof poncho. The headlamp ensures visibility in low-light situations, which is crucial during roadside emergencies. The poncho provides protection from the elements, making it a thoughtful addition to the kit.


• Durable Nylon Carrying Case: Compact and lightweight with a zippered opening.
• Jumper Cables: Essential for jump-starting a dead car battery.
• Rubberized Work Gloves: Provide protection during roadside repairs.
• Tire Pressure Gauge: Allows for regular monitoring of tire health.
• 7-LED Headlamp: Ensures visibility in low-light situations, includes an adjustable strap.
• Weatherproof Poncho: Provides protection from the elements during roadside emergencies.


-- Roadside Emergencies: The kit provides essential tools for unexpected roadside repairs, enhancing safety and reducing stress during such situations.
-- Night-Time Breakdowns: The reflective materials used in the kit are ideal for increasing visibility during night-time emergencies.
-- Car Maintenance: The comprehensive set of tools can also be used for regular car maintenance tasks.
-- Outdoor Activities: The weatherproof poncho and LED headlamp are suitable for various outdoor activities, providing protection and visibility.
-- Gift for Drivers: This kit makes an excellent gift for drivers, providing them with the essentials for roadside emergencies.

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