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6pc Magnetic Pickup Tool Set
SKU: DT12033


Introducing a versatile package of six telescoping pickup tools, each with varied strengths and lengths. These indispensable instruments are designed to reach into narrow spaces and retrieve metallic items effortlessly.

Engineered from durable stainless steel, these robust tools offer longevity and reliability. The anti-slip rubber handle ensures a firm grip, while the pen-like design offers easy portability, making them an essential addition to any toolbox.


ROBUST DURABILITY - Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, these pickup tools guarantee durability and extended use. They exhibit resistance to wear and tear, making them ideal for home DIY and garage tasks. The telescoping feature allows for adjustable lengths to cater to different needs, promising versatility and convenience.

GRIP AND PORTABILITY - The tools are designed with an anti-skid rubber handle that ensures a solid grip, enhancing usability and efficiency. Additionally, the pen-like structure of these tools makes them compact and easy to carry. They can be conveniently clipped onto pockets, ensuring they are always within reach when needed.

MULTIPLE USES - With their ability to retract to different lengths and their strong magnetic pull, these tools are perfect for picking up various metal parts such as screws, bolts, or needles. Whether it's retrieving a metal wheel or a tiny silver needle, these tools are up to the task. They make an excellent addition to toolboxes for automotive repairs, boating, camping, or fishing.


• Stainless Steel Material: Ensures durability and long-lasting use
• Telescoping Feature: Allows for adjustable lengths to cater to different needs
• Anti-skid Rubber Handle: Provides a firm grip for efficient use
• Pen-like Structure: Makes the tools compact and easy to carry
• Tool 1: Extended length: 21.7 inch/ 55 cm. Pickup weight: 1.5 lbs
• Tool 2: Extended length: 24.8 inch/ 63 cm. Pickup weight: 2 lbs
• Tool 3: Extended length: 24 inch/ 61.1 cm. Pickup weight: 2.5 lbs
• Tool 4: Extended length: 26.4 inch/ 67 cm. Pickup weight: 3 lbs
• Tool 5: Extended length: 30.3 inch/ 77 cm. Pickup weight: 3.5 lbs
• Tool 6: Extended length: 30.9 inch/ 78.5 cm. Pickup weight: 4 lbs


-- Automotive Repairs: Can retrieve lost bolts or screws in hard-to-reach areas of vehicles.
-- Boating: Useful for picking up metal items that may fall into tight spaces on a boat.
-- Camping: Can retrieve cooking utensils or other metallic items that may get lost.
-- Fishing: Handy for picking up hooks, lures, or other metal items that may fall overboard.
-- DIY Projects: An excellent addition to any DIY toolkit, aiding in various tasks.

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