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6pc Toggle Latch Clamps with 24pc Screws. Adjustable Latches for Lids, Covers, Jigs and Tool Box Cases
SKU: DT40135


Experience the ease and adaptability of our toggle latch clamps. They are designed for flexible installation, with an adjustable lock-up range to suit your specific needs. Crafted from premium zinc-plated metal, these latches resist corrosion and rust, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our heavy-duty latches offer unprecedented holding power, capable of supporting up to 330lbs. The advanced technology and high-quality materials ensure a strong, reliable hold, surpassing most standard latches in the market. With a soft, plastic-covered handle, comfort and safety are assured.


SUPERIOR DESIGN - Our latch clamps boast an adjustable design that makes them versatile and easy to install. The lock-up range can be adapted to your needs, ensuring a perfect fit whether you prefer a tight or loose closure.

DURABILITY & COMFORT - Crafted from premium zinc-plated metal, these latches resist corrosion and rust, making them suitable for different temperature environments, indoors or outdoors. A soft plastic-covered handle assures secure and comfortable use.

EXCEPTIONAL HOLDING POWER - With a holding capacity of up to 330lbs, our latches are stronger than most standard ones in the market. This excellent tension retention until release makes them perfectly suited to your diverse needs.


• Maximum overall length: 4-1/8”, lock-up range: 3-1/2 to 4-1/8 inches
• Material: Zinc-plated metal


-- Securing freezer doors, providing a firm hold to ensure optimal temperature maintenance.
-- Perfect for cabinet doors, preventing accidental openings and ensuring safe storage.
-- Suitable for garbage cans, keeping lids securely closed to prevent spillage and odours.
-- Great for tool boxes and cases, ensuring tools and equipment are securely stored during transport.
-- Useful for sliding doors and trailer tailgates, providing a strong hold to ensure safety and security.

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