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74pc SAE & Metric Sockets and Screw Driver Bit Set. Includes T-Bar Handle and Precision S2 Steel Bits
SKU: DT09005


Unveiling a tool set that redefines versatility and durability. This 74-piece collection, complete with SAE and metric sockets, precision S2 steel bits, and a T-Bar handle, is an embodiment of quality and functionality. Encased in a compact book-sized case, it offers a convenient solution for diverse repair tasks.

With a non-slip grip precision bit handle, no task is too small or intricate. The set’s wide array of driver sockets, combined with the strength of 6150 CR-V steel alloy hex driver bits, ensures every task is handled seamlessly. A magnetising block rounds off this comprehensive package, providing a practical means to keep bits secure.


VERSATILITY AND CONVENIENCE - The set stands out with an extensive range of tools, offering both SAE and metric sockets. This ensures adaptability to a multitude of tasks, catering to an array of fasteners. The inclusion of a T-Bar bit handle and a precision bit handle, both designed for comfort and control, enhances the user experience. All tools neatly packed into a compact book-sized case ensure easy storage and transport.

QUALITY AND PRECISION - Crafted from robust materials like S2 steel and 6150 CR-V steel alloy, these tools are built for longevity. The precision bits offer extra hardness for meticulous tasks, while the hex driver bits provide the strength needed for more demanding jobs. A magnetising block adds to the set's practicality, keeping bits secure for easy accessibility.

PRACTICALITY AND EFFICIENCY - Perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, this kit offers a comprehensive range of tools to handle various tasks. The precision bit handle features a non-slip grip for safe and accurate use. The compact, book-sized case facilitates easy storage and transport, making it ideal for on-the-go repairs.


• T-Bar Bit Handle - Material: Carbon Steel, Feature: T-shape for extra torque
• Precision Bit Handle - Material: Carbon Steel, Feature: Non-slip grip for secure handling
• Precision Extension Bar/Post - Length: Variable, Use: For reaching tight spaces
• Driver Sockets (Metric, 11 pieces) - Sizes: 4-5-5.5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13mm, Use: For various metric nuts and bolts
• Driver Sockets (SAE, 11 pieces) - Sizes: 5/32-3/16-7/32-1/4-9/32-5/16-11/32-3/8-7/16-1/2-9/16, Use: For various SAE nuts and bolts
• Hex Precision Driver Bits (18 pieces) - Material: Extra-hard S2 steel, Use: For precision tasks
• Hex Driver Bits (40 pieces) - Material: 6150 CR-V Steel Alloy, Use: For hex fasteners
• Magnetising Block - Use: Keeps bits secure and accessible


-- Home DIY Projects: The variety of tools makes it suitable for various home DIY tasks.
-- Appliance Maintenance: With its different bit types, the set is ideal for maintaining home appliances.
-- Professional Use: The compact case and wide tool range make it a practical choice for professionals.
-- Fixture and Fitting Work: The precision bits are perfect for working on fixtures and fittings.
-- On-the-go Repairs: The book-sized tool case makes it easy to carry, suitable for on-the-go repairs

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