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84pc Electronics Repair & Opening Tool Kit Set including ESD Wrist Strap and S2 Steel Driver Bits
SKU: DT30285


Tackling electronic repairs requires precision and a comprehensive toolkit. This 84-piece set embodies this principle, offering an extensive array of tools meticulously designed to aid in the repair of computers, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles.

Accompanied by the most-reached-for selection of screw and fastener driver bit types and size, this kit is ideal for both the novice DIY enthusiast and the seasoned professional. It promises to make the repair process more efficient and successful, thanks to its wide-ranging selection of tools and thoughtful design.


PRECISION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - The heart of this toolkit is the 64-piece precision bit driver set, designed to accommodate a multitude of electronic devices. From smartphones to gaming consoles, these bits ensure that every repair task is within reach. Made from durable Cr-V steel, the bits are built to last, extending the lifespan of the toolkit and guaranteeing long-term service.

SECURE AND ORGANIZED - The magnetic case provides secure storage for all tools, preventing loss and promoting longevity. The foam insert offers additional protection, cushioning the tools during transportation. The inside of the lid doubles as a sorting/organization tray, enhancing the ease of use and efficiency during repair tasks.

VERSATILITY MEETS FUNCTIONALITY - This toolkit is not only comprehensive but also versatile. It includes specialized tools such as tweezers, a flex extension, opening tools, and an anti-static wristband. Whether you're a hobbyist fixer, a PC builder, or a professional technician, this toolkit has something for everyone, making electronic repair more accessible and effective.


• 64 Bit Driver Set: Includes various types and sizes, made from durable Cr-V steel.
• Anti-static Hand Strap: Protects sensitive electronic components from static electricity.
• Magnetic Case: Ensures secure storage and easy transportation.
• Foam Insert: Provides additional protection for tools.
• Sorting/Organization Tray: Conveniently located inside the lid for easy access.
• Opening Triangular Picks (x6): Assists in prying open devices.
• Tweezers: Includes one blunt end and one angled ESD for precision handling.
• Flex Extension: Allows access to hard-to-reach screws.
• Metal Spudger and Halberd Spudger: Useful for poking and sliding tasks.
• Jimmy Metal Pry Lever: Ideal for difficult prying tasks requiring leverage.
• Small Suction Cup: Assists in screen removal.
• Nylon lace Inverted Tweezers: Helps with delicate tasks in tight spaces.


-- Routine Device Maintenance: The kit's comprehensive selection of tools makes it ideal for performing routine maintenance on a wide array of electronic devices.
-- DIY Projects: With its range of precision tools, this set is a valuable addition to any DIY enthusiast's toolbox.
-- Professional Use: The kit's professional-grade quality and wide selection of tools make it a perfect choice for technicians in the electronics repair industry.
-- On-the-Go Repairs: Thanks to the secure and transportable case, this set is perfect for those who need to perform repairs or maintenance tasks on the go.-- Repairing a smartphone screen: The suction cup and opening tools make screen replacement a breeze, appealing to DIY enthusiasts who prefer to handle their repairs.

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