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Line Laser Spirit Level Kit with Tripod Stand
SKU: DT10702


This multifunctional laser level kit, complete with a tripod stand, is an essential tool for precision alignment and measurement tasks. Ideal for indoor use, it excels in situations where accurate measurements are critical, such as hanging shelves, cabinets, tiles, and picture frames. It features a user-friendly design with a single slider selection button, simplifying mode switching between vertical, horizontal, and cross laser lines.

The kit also includes a flexible mounting device and a triangle bracket, enhancing its versatility. The laser level can be mounted onto the included black metal tripod or any other tripod, ensuring stability and easy angle adjustment.


MULTIPURPOSE AND USER-FRIENDLY - This laser level tool is designed to cater to a wide range of applications. Whether it's hanging shelves, cabinets, or picture frames, this tool ensures accuracy. Its user-friendly design, featuring a single slider selection button, makes it easy to switch between different laser line modes - vertical, horizontal, or cross line.

FLEXIBLE AND VERSATILE - The laser level comes with a 1/4 inch hole, allowing it to be mounted onto the included black metal tripod or any other tripod. This flexibility enhances its versatility and convenience, making it suitable for various usage scenarios. The tripod provides stability and facilitates easy angle adjustment.

ACCURATE AND RELIABLE - With one level (0°), one plumb (90°), and one 45° bubble, this tool provides accurate results in determining horizontal and vertical planes. It also includes an 8-foot measure with both imperial and metric linear measures, ensuring precise measurements down to 1/32" and 1mm.


• Multipurpose Level Laser: Vertical, horizontal, and cross laser line modes, powered by 3 x AG 13 Button-Cells.
• Black Metal Tripod: 1/4 inch hole for mounting.


-- Aligning shelves during installation, ensuring a leveled and professional look.
-- Hanging pictures or cabinets, guaranteeing accurate positioning.
-- Laying tiles in a straight line, ensuring a neat and tidy finish.
-- Framing a picture or artwork, ensuring perfect alignment.
-- Measuring spaces for home improvement projects, ensuring a perfect fit.

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