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16pc Kids Tool Kit Set including Real Metal Hand Tools & Child Size Tool Belt


Equip your children with a comprehensive set of real DIY hand tools specifically designed for young learners. This kit, perfect for ages 5-7 years and above, encourages creativity and confidence, fostering budding DIY skills under adult supervision. It promotes practical life skills and hands-on learning, giving children a head start in the world of DIY.

This tool set includes carefully selected learning tools that allow young builders to hammer, screwdrive, clamp, mark, and measure. Paired with an orange utility belt for easy organization and safety accessories, this kit ensures a fun, engaging, and safe DIY adventure for the young ones.


REAL TOOLS FOR REAL SKILLS - This comprehensive set is not just a toy collection but a range of real DIY hand tools. By encouraging hands-on learning, it helps children develop practical life skills, instills confidence, and fosters creativity. The thrill of building, fixing, and creating with their own hands can spark a lifelong interest in DIY tasks.

STARTER METAL TOOLS FOR BEGINNERS - The set includes metal tools carefully chosen for young learners. These are real, durable tools designed for ease of use, enabling children to hammer, screwdrive, clamp, mark, and measure. The hard-wearing, splash-proof fabric tool belt fits waist sizes 56-69cm and features pockets and holders for easy access to all their essential tools, making them feel like true professionals.

LEARN WITH SAFETY - Safety is paramount, and this kit has taken care of it. It includes adjustable dust glasses to keep specks and particles at bay during DIY adventures, and stretchable cotton gloves provide soft protection when handling tools. This combination of education and safety makes this tool kit an excellent choice for young DIY enthusiasts.


• Metal Hammer: 8oz (225g) Claw Hammer
• Screwdrivers: 1/4" Slotted and #2 Phillips
• Spring Clamps: 2pc Mini 3" Nylon Spring Clamps
• Carabiner: 1pc Spring Carabiner Clip
• Tape Measure: 2m Retractable Tape Measure
• Torpedo Level: 6" Blue Plastic Level
• Pencils: 2pc Thick Carpenter's Pencils
• Pencil Sharpener: 1pc
• Dust Glasses: 1 Pair of Children's Dust Glasses
• Utility Tool Belt: 600D Nylon Fabric, Adjustable Waist Sizes 56 – 69cm / 22 - 27"


-- Home DIY Projects: This kit is perfect for small home projects like putting up pictures and assembling work pieces.
-- Woodworking: The real hand tools can be used for basic woodworking projects under adult supervision.
-- School Projects: The kit can be used for school DIY projects, fostering practical skills among students.
-- Creative Play: Beyond practical skills, this tool kit can also foster creativity and imagination during play.
-- Gift Option: This tool kit makes an excellent gift for children interested in building and fixing things.

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