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16pc Kids Tool Kit Set including Real Tools with Tool Belt and Tool Bag
SKU: DT30109


Introducing an all-inclusive toolset, perfect for the young DIY enthusiast eager to learn and create. This 16-piece collection brings together real, robust tools, not mere toys, fostering a hands-on learning experience that's both safe and engaging.

The kit includes everything from a hammer and screwdrivers to safety glasses and a tape measure, all neatly packed in a tool bag with an accompanying tool belt. It's an ideal starter set for parents looking to nurture their child's interest in DIY projects and home improvement tasks.


HANDS-ON LEARNING EXPERIENCE - The set provides real tools, not playthings, promoting a practical understanding of DIY tasks. It's a great way to introduce children to various home improvement tasks and foster a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

SAFETY FIRST - Each tool is designed keeping children's safety in mind. The glasses provide eye protection, while the inclusion of a peak cap and tool belt ensures a secure and organized working environment. The tools are sized appropriately for smaller hands, yet offer the same functionality as their full-sized counterparts.

ENCOURAGING CREATIVITY - This toolset is more than just a collection of hardware; it's a gateway to creativity. Children can explore various DIY tasks, from woodworking to basic home repairs, stimulating their imagination, and enhancing their problem-solving skills.


• Hammer: Durable construction, ideal for various DIY tasks
• Glasses with Cover: Provides eye protection, ensuring safety during tasks
• Mini Combination Pliers: Versatile tool, perfect for gripping, bending, and cutting
• Carpenter's Square: Ensures accurate measurements and angles
• Slotted Screwdriver (6 x 100mm): Precise tool for slotted screws
• Phillips Screwdriver (#2 x 100mm): Designed for Phillips head screws
• Peak Cap and Tool Belt: Promotes organization and easy access to tools
• Tool Bag: Convenient storage and transportation of tools
• 150mm Torpedo Level: Ensures accurate leveling and angle measurements
• 2 Nylon Clamps: Provide a secure grip on various materials
• 2 Carpenter's Pencils: Ideal for marking measurements
• Pencil Sharpener: Keeps pencils sharp for accurate marking
• 2m Tape Measure: Accurate distance measurements


-- Children can learn about measurements, use of hammer and nails, and the importance of precision.
-- Assembling a bike: The kit provides all the necessary tools for assembling a bike, teaching them about different parts and their assembly.
-- Creating a picture frame: This project can enhance their measuring and cutting skills, while fostering creativity.
-- Repairing a loose chair leg: A practical task that teaches problem-solving and the use of various tools.
-- Crafting a small bookshelf: A more complex task that can help children understand the basics of woodworking and construction.

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