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17pc Kids Tool Kit Set including Real Metal Tools in a Truck Tool Box Case
SKU: DT90110


Introducing a comprehensive tool kit set designed for young builders, complete with real steel hand tools. This essential pack provides everything needed to nurture DIY skills from an early age, offering a practical and enjoyable way for children to engage in role play and real projects.

The set prioritizes safety while fostering creativity. An adjustable pair of dust glasses and a durable apron protect the child during use, ensuring a safe DIY experience. The vibrant fold-out truck case allows for easy organization and portability, making it ideal for on-the-go projects.


NURTURING YOUNG MINDS - This kit serves as a gateway for children to explore the world of DIY. By promoting hands-on learning, it helps kids develop practical life skills and encourages creative problem-solving. It's not just about building objects, but building confidence too.

SAFETY FIRST - Each tool is designed keeping a child's safety in mind. The inclusion of dust glasses and a hard-wearing apron ensures that children can indulge in their DIY projects while staying protected. The tools are real, but manageable for young hands, striking the perfect balance between safety and functionality.

ORGANIZATION MADE EASY - The tools come packed in a bright, fold-out truck case. Not only does this keep everything tidy and in one place, but it also adds an element of fun to the whole experience. The case is light and compact, making it easy for children to carry around wherever their creativity takes them.


• Stubby Screwdrivers: 1/4" Slotted and 2# Phillips Stubby Screwdrivers
• Plastic Square Level: 1pc 6' Plastic Square Level – 90 degree angle ruler
• Plastic Level: 1pc 6" Plastic Level with steel ball inside
• Transparent Tape Measure:** 1pc 2M Transparent Tape Measure- Metric & SAE
• Hammer: 1pc 4OZ Hammer
• Slip Joint Pliers: 1pc Slip Joint Pliers with Dipped Handle
• Child-size Work Apron: Universal size, keeps dirt and muck from clothes. 3 storage pockets keep tools close at hand
• Children's Dust Glasses: Children's Dust Glasses (Universal Size) with pouch
• Marking Tools: 2 Carpenters Pencils and More
• Scissors: 5" (130mm) Children's Safety Scissors With blunt ends to avoid accidents while moving around
• Spring Clamps: 2 x Mini 3' Black Nylon Clamps
• Truck-style Tool Box: With individual tool slots - keeps tools safe and secure. Outside resembles a truck to look great on a shelf


-- Encouraging Creativity: The toolkit inspires children to create and build, fostering their imagination and problem-solving skills.
-- Educational Play: By using real tools, children learn practical skills and understand the value of hard work.
-- Safe DIY Experience: Equipped with safety features like dust glasses and an apron, the toolkit allows children to safely explore DIY projects.
-- Organizational Skills: The fold-out truck case teaches children the importance of tidying up after work and keeping their tools organized.
-- Portable Fun: Lightweight and compact, the toolkit can accompany children wherever their creativity takes them.

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