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17pc Hotfix Rhinestone Gems Power Applicator Tool Kit Set including Complete Accessories
SKU: DT30220


Unleash your creativity with a tool that brings sparkle and shine to any project. Quick and efficient, this hotfix rhinestone applicator set is equipped to bedazzle everything from clothing and accessories to crafts and DIY projects.

Perfect for the craft enthusiast or the fashion-forward DIYer, this kit is designed to provide an easy-to-use, versatile tool for adding a touch of glamour to any project. With a variety of tips and a selection of rhinestones in different colors and sizes, it offers endless possibilities for personalization.


VERSATILITY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - The kit comes with seven hot-fix tips of varying sizes, providing flexibility for projects of all types and scales. Whether you're embellishing a pair of jeans, a leather jacket, or a craft project, the perfect tip is at your disposal. The various colors of hotfix rhinestones included allow for customization and creativity.

EFFICIENCY AND EASE OF USE - Featuring an on/off switch with a red LED indicator and a comfortable grip handle, the hotfix rhinestone applicator is designed for simple operation. Its fast heat-up time and quality construction make it a reliable tool for any project. It also comes with a comprehensive user manual and a brush for easy cleaning of the tips after use.

UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY - This kit is not just for clothes and crafts. It is perfect for making personalized gifts for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. It's an ideal tool for adding a touch of sparkle to homemade cards or decorations. With this kit, the potential for creative expression is limitless.


• Hotfix rhinestone applicator: Features an on/off switch with red LED indicator, comfort grip handle, and extra-long 4.6ft electric cord
• Storage tool box: Conveniently stores all the components
• 7 hotfix tips: Different sizes (2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 7mm, 9mm flat tip, hot spot tip) for various applications
• Pencil and sharpener: For preliminary design sketching
• Brush: Useful for cleaning the tips after use
• Metal support stand: Provides a safe place to rest the hot applicator
• 2 boxes of shiny rhinestones: Includes 16SS rhinestones in 12 colors and 4 different sizes (6SS, 10SS, 16SS, 20SS) of hotfix AB crystal rhinestones
• Curved tweezers: Handy for working with rhinestones and small sequins
• User's manual: Offers comprehensive instructions for use


-- Customizing clothing: Add some sparkle to a simple t-shirt, a pair of jeans, or a leather jacket.
-- Embellishing accessories: Make a purse or a pair of shoes stand out with some added bling.
-- Crafting unique gifts: Create personalized presents for birthdays, Christmas, or Thanksgiving.
-- DIY card making: Add a touch of glamour to homemade cards.
-- Decorating home decor items: Add a bit of glitter to cushions, curtains, or lampshades.

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