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41pc Book Binding Starter Tool Kit Set. Includes 3pc Bone Paper Creaser Tools, Awl and Accessories
SKU: DT30224


Venture into the world of bookbinding with an all-inclusive kit, designed to cater to both beginners and experienced crafters. This 41-piece set offers a diverse range of tools, enabling users to create, repair, and customize books with professional precision.

Crafted for versatility, this kit is far from being limited to bookbinding alone. It also lends itself perfectly to other creative endeavors such as scrapbooking, card making, leather crafting, and various DIY projects. Imagination becomes the only boundary with this multi-purpose crafting toolset.


VERSATILITY AT ITS FINEST - This kit boasts a wide array of tools, each skillfully crafted to meet a multitude of crafting needs. Four rolls of waxed thread in assorted colors provide the perfect finishing touch to book edges. Binding ribbons made of woven cotton ensure that the backbone of the book remains flexible, even after binding with glue.

PREMIUM CRAFTING TOOLS - The kit includes bone folders with pointed and rounded tips for precise control during folding, scoring, creasing, and polishing. These folders are adept at reaching even the most challenging corners, catering to a variety of requirements. Crafted from plastic bone, they sport smooth edges and a polished finish to prevent damage to delicate surfaces or fabrics.

WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS - This toolkit is not just limited to bookbinding. It's versatile enough to cater to a plethora of DIY crafting projects. Whether it's sewing, scrapbooking, card making, leather crafting, or simply repairing old books, this kit provides the necessary equipment to get the job done with professional finesse.


• 4 rolls of waxed thread: Diverse colors for book edge binding
• 3 bone folders: Provide precise control for folding, scoring, creasing, and polishing
• 1 gourd awl: Essential for punching holes
• 1 brown hairbrush: Ideal for smoothing and finishing
• 1 steel ruler: Ensures accurate measurements
• 6 pointed hand sewing needles: Versatile for various stitching needs
• 4 size curved needles: Specially designed for difficult to reach areas
• 1 needle bottle: Convenient storage for needles
• 1 needle tip stopper: Ensures safety and prevents needle damage
• 5 bulldog clips: Perfect for holding pages together
• 3 black binder paper clips: Useful for organizing papers
• 2 rolls of binding ribbon: Woven cotton for flexible bookbinding
• 1 thimble: Protects fingers during sewing
• 2 needle threaders: Simplifies the process of threading needles
• 1 pair of scissors: Sharp and durable for cutting needs


-- Creating personalized scrapbooks: The variety of tools allows users to create unique, personalized scrapbooks that capture precious memories.
-- Repairing old books: The kit provides the necessary tools to restore old or damaged books to their former glory.
-- Crafting homemade cards: With this kit, crafting personalized greeting cards becomes a breeze.
-- Embarking on leather crafts: The variety of needles and threads make this kit suitable for leather crafting projects.
-- Experimenting with DIY projects: The versatility of these tools makes them ideal for a multitude of DIY projects.

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41pc Book Binding Starter Tool Kit Set. Includes 3pc Bone Paper Creaser Tools, Awl and Accessories
SKU: DT30224

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