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1pce Helping Hands Stand with Magnifying Lens. Third Hand Iron Base Holder with Adjustable Clips
SKU: DT30290


When it comes to precision tasks that require a close-up view and a steady hand, this tool is an indispensable asset. Its magnifying lens and adjustable clips offer an effective solution for intricate repairs, inspections, and craftwork, eliminating the frustration often associated with such detail-oriented tasks.

The device's robust construction and versatile design make it an invaluable addition to any DIY toolkit. Its solid cast iron base ensures stability during use, while the nickel-plated steel components resist rust and enhance durability. This tool is not just a practical aid but also a testament to quality craftsmanship.


A HELPING HAND - When delicate work requires more than two hands, this tool steps in to lend the extra support needed. Equipped with a magnifying glass and clamps, it makes intricate repairs, inspections, and precision crafts less tedious and more manageable. It is particularly useful for tasks involving PCBs and electronics where precision is paramount.

CLEAR VIEW - The large 90mm magnifying glass offers a 2x magnification power, making it easier to see small details without straining the eyes. Encased in a protective chrome frame and mounted on a ball-joint bracket, the lens can be easily maneuvered to achieve the perfect viewing angle.

STRONG AND STABLE - The tool features two robust alligator clips with strong 15mm jaws, mounted along a horizontal beam. These clips can rotate and adjust to hold a wide variety of items securely. The heavy-duty cast iron base ensures stability, while its compact size allows for easy storage. The base is coated with a non-slip, non-scratch foam layer to protect surfaces from damage.


• Magnifying Glass: Large 90mm diameter with 2x magnification for clear, close-up viewing.
• Alligator Clips: Two strong 15mm jaws mounted on a horizontal beam for holding items securely.
• Adjustable Beam: Can rotate, lower, and raise on a vertical shaft to a working height of 105mm.
• Cast Iron Base: Heavy-duty with a protective black spray coating for stability and durability.
• Non-Slip Foam Layer: Protects surfaces from scratches.
• Nickel-Plated Steel Components: Offers rust resistance for long-lasting use.


-- Circuit Board Repairs: For the precise work required in circuit board repairs, this tool holds components securely while providing a magnified view for accurate soldering.
-- Jewelry Making: The magnifying lens and alligator clips aid in the intricate processes involved in jewelry making, ensuring precision and quality.
-- Model Building: Ideal for hobbyists building models where precision and attention to detail are key.
-- Electronics Inspection: Provides a clear, magnified view for inspecting electronic components, making it easier to identify and fix issues.
-- Art and Craft Projects: Perfect for tasks that require detailed work, such as beadwork, painting miniatures, or assembling small craft projects.

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