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25pc Kids Tool Set with Real Hand Tools and Fabric Workman's Tool Bag
SKU: DT90116


Introducing an essential set designed to equip the younger generation with real-life practical skills. This comprehensive collection encourages hands-on learning, fostering creativity and problem-solving in budding DIY enthusiasts. The set includes a variety of real tools, all safely stored in a durable fabric bag.

This kit is more than just a collection of tools; it's a gateway to invaluable lessons in woodworking and home DIY programs. It's an excellent gift for young ones, sparking interest in practical skills from an early age and fostering a sense of accomplishment with real results.


REAL TOOLS FOR REAL SKILLS - This set is not a toy but a genuine tool kit designed for young learners. Each tool, from the claw hammer to the pliers, is fully functional and ready to create real results. By using these tools, kids can acquire practical skills while gaining a sense of achievement as they see their work come to life.

DURABILITY AND QUALITY - The quality of the tools is evident in their construction. Made from drop forged carbon steel, the claw hammer, pliers, and scissors are built to last. The tool bag is made from 600D fabric, known for its durability and strength, ensuring the tools are stored safely and can be carried around with ease.

SAFETY AND SUPERVISION - While these are real tools, safety has not been compromised. The set includes safety goggles and cut-resistant gloves, ensuring protection during use. However, these tools are not toys and should always be used under adult supervision, making this kit a perfect opportunity for quality bonding time and hands-on learning.


• Claw Hammer: 6-inch drop-forged carbon steel head with a comfortable rubbery handle.
• Plier & Scissor: 6.7-inch and 5.5-inch tools with long nose design, made from drop-forged carbon steel.
• Small Screwdriver: 3.9-inch with a magnetic tip, available in Phillips and flat head.
• Level, Ruler & Tape Measure: 3 measuring ways (vertical, level, 45 degree) with a magnetic base, a 10-inch ruler, a 6-inch square ruler, and a 5ft tape measure.
• Pencil & Sharpener: Includes 4 wood pencils and 2 sharpeners.
• Safety Goggles & Gloves: Kids size cut-resistant gloves and safety goggles.
• Apron, D-ring & Clamps: Kids size apron, 4 spring clamps, and 2 D-rings.
• Storage Bag: Made of 600D fabric, measuring 310mm * 160mm * 120mm.


-- The tools in this kit are perfect for building small structures like birdhouses, teaching kids about construction and nature.
-- Assembling Furniture: Kids can assist in assembling their own furniture, promoting a sense of ownership and responsibility.
-- Home DIY Projects: Under adult supervision, kids can learn how to perform basic home repairs and improvements.
-- Woodworking Lessons: This kit can be used for woodworking lessons at school or home, teaching kids valuable practical skills.

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