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3pc Folding and Spring-Assisted Blade Utility Knives Set
SKU: DT10738


Equipped with a spring-assisted opening mechanism, the folding pocket knife offers swift and effortless operation. Boasting a well-balanced design, it ensures secure lock-up with minimal blade play, enhancing safety and precision during use.

Incorporating quick-change slide-open utility knives, this set of three is crafted from heavy-duty steel for long-lasting durability. With a sturdy steel belt clip, it allows easy carry, whether clipped to jeans or shorts, making it an ideal everyday tool.


SUPERIOR EDGE - The folding pocket knife comes with an excellent edge right out of the factory. Just a little bit of stropping refines it to perfection. Its secure lock-up mechanism minimizes blade play, ensuring precision cuts every time. The substantial and durable belt clip keeps the knife securely in place in front or back pockets, offering convenience in mobility.

EASY TO ADJUST - All screws on these knives are torx, allowing users to easily tighten them as required. This feature ensures that the tools remain in optimal condition over time, offering reliable performance for various tasks. The folding pocket knife is well balanced, providing comfortable use and greater control during cutting tasks.

ONE-HAND OPERATION - The utility knives feature a unique slide-out mechanism that facilitates one-handed opening. This feature allows users to keep one hand free while using the tool, enhancing safety and convenience. Their robust construction and easy-to-use design make these knives a valuable addition to any toolkit.


• Folding Pocket Knife: Spring-assisted opening, heavy-duty steel construction, durable steel belt clip
Key Specifications: Comes with a good edge from the factory, Well-balanced and super easy to use
• Quick Change Slide Open Utility Knives (2pc): Slide-out front mechanism, heavy-duty steel construction
Key Specifications: Easy to open with one hand, Robust construction


-- Everyday Carry: Its compact size and sturdy belt clip make the folding pocket knife an excellent everyday carry tool.
-- Precision Cutting: The secure lock-up and sharp factory edge allow for precise cutting tasks.
-- DIY Projects: The robust construction of the utility knives makes them ideal for various DIY tasks.
-- One-Handed Operation: The slide-out mechanism of the utility knives allows for easy one-handed opening.
-- Maintenance: The torx screws allow for easy adjustments, ensuring optimal tool condition over time.

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