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1pc Lock-back Utility Knife with 50pc Blades Dispenser
SKU: DT10730


Designed for precision and durability, this utility knife boasts a lightweight aluminum alloy body fortified with zinc components. The integrated ABS under-grip enhances stiffness, ensuring a firm hold during use. The folding utility knife, with its 1.1" exposed blade, is ideal for all-purpose cutting, slicing, and trimming tasks.

Featuring a quick-release button, blade replacement is made simple and efficient. A safety button allows the user to manually unfold the blade liner housing and lock it into place, adding an extra layer of safety. The handle includes a loop hole at the base for convenient hanging or clipping, promoting easy storage and accessibility.


PRECISION CUTTING TOOL: Experience unmatched precision and durability with our Lock-back Utility Knife. Crafted from a lightweight aluminum alloy and reinforced with zinc components, this knife is built to last. The ABS under-grip ensures a stiff, secure grasp for all your cutting tasks, while the 1.1" exposed blade makes it perfect for slicing, trimming, and all-purpose cutting.

EASE OF USE: Changing blades has never been easier thanks to the quick-release button. For added safety, a manual unfolding mechanism locks the blade liner in place, ensuring safe operation. The thoughtful design includes a loop hole at the handle's base, allowing for easy hanging or clipping, keeping your workspace organized and your tool within reach.

EXTRA BLADES INCLUDED: Your utility knife comes with 50 extra blades, ensuring you're always prepared for the job ahead. These hardened steel blades feature a 2.5" cutting edge and are stored in a convenient slide-out dispenser with wall-hanging capabilities. Corrosion-resistant and durable, they're ready to tackle any task you throw at them.


• 1pc Utility Knife: Material: Aluminum alloy body with zinc components, ABS under-grip.
- Features: 1.1" exposed blade, folding design, safety and quick-release buttons.
• 50pc Extra Blades: Material: Hardened steel.
- Features: 2.5" cutting edge, housed in a slide-out plastic dispenser with wall-hanging holes, corrosion-resistant.


-- All-Purpose Cutting: The utility knife's sharp edge makes it ideal for various cutting tasks in DIY projects.
-- Slicing: With its 1.1" exposed blade, the knife can handle precise slicing tasks.
-- Trimming: The hardened steel blades are perfect for trimming tasks, ensuring clean cuts every time.
-- Blade Replacement: The quick-release button makes blade replacement easy, ensuring uninterrupted work.
-- Storage: The loop hole at the base of the handle allows for convenient hanging or clipping, promoting easy storage and accessibility.

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