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3pc Glass Scraper and Retractable Utility Knife Set
SKU: DT10731


The versatile trio of tools in this set caters to a multitude of tasks, making it an indispensable addition to any garage, workshop, or household. With two retractable utility knives of different sizes and a glass scraper, the set covers a broad spectrum of applications.

Safety is paramount in this tool set, with each handle featuring high-visibility colors for easy location and safer use. The glass scraper comes with a blade guard, ensuring the blade's protection when not in use. This set proves its worth in tasks ranging from opening packaging to scraping stickers off surfaces.


VERSATILITY UNLEASHED - This set comprises two utility knives of varying sizes and a glass scraper. These tools are designed to fulfill a wide range of needs, from cutting and opening packages in a warehouse to scraping off stickers at home. The versatility of the set makes it a must-have tool ensemble for both professional and DIY users.

SAFETY FIRST - Safety takes center stage in this set. The handles of the tools are rendered in high-visibility safety colors, making them easy to spot amidst clutter. This reduces the risk of mishaps caused by misplaced tools, enhancing the safety quotient of the workspace.

PROTECTIVE DESIGN - The glass scraper in the set comes with a blade guard. This feature protects the blade when not in use, extending its life while also preventing accidental cuts. Whether it's for a professional work shop, a bustling warehouse, or a home garage, this set is designed to deliver performance without compromising on safety.


• 2pc Retractable Utility Knives: Material: High-quality snap-off steel blades with high-visibility plastic handles, Features: Two sizes for versatile cutting needs.
• 1pc Glass Scraper: Material: Durable blade with high-visibility plastic handle, Features: Blade guard for protection when not in use.


-- Package Opening: The utility knives, with their sharp blades, are ideal for cutting and opening packaging.
-- Scraping Tasks: The glass scraper can be used to remove stickers or residue from various surfaces.
-- Safety: High-visibility handles make tools easy to locate, reducing the risk of accidents.
-- Blade Protection: The blade guard on the glass scraper protects it when not in use, extending its life.
-- Versatility: The set caters to a variety of tasks in a garage, workshop, warehouse, or home setting.

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