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3pc Torpedo Spirit Level Set, 12", 20" & 40" with Carrying Bag
SKU: DT10705


Accuracy and convenience converge in this high-quality level set. With its impressive 0.0005-inch/ft accuracy, project perfection is within reach. The set includes 12", 20", and 40" spirit levels, each equipped with easy-to-read leveling bubbles to ensure precision and stability.

The 12" torpedo level uses powerful magnets for easy attachment to metal surfaces, while the 20" & 40" levels feature an open-top view design for enhanced readability. This robust set, crafted from durable aluminum alloy, offers shock-absorbing end caps for added protection and grip, making it a versatile tool for a variety of tasks.


PRECISION GUARANTEED - Every component of the level set is designed for maximum accuracy, offering an impressive 0.0005-inch/ft precision. Easy-to-read leveling bubbles at 45°, 90°, and 180° for the 12" and 20" levels, and 90° and 180° for the 40" level, ensure precise measurements for flawless project completion.

ROBUST AND RELIABLE - The level set features a durable aluminum frame construction, complete with shock-absorbing end caps. These provide additional protection and better grip, enhancing the stability of the levels during measurements. The 12" torpedo level comes with two powerful magnets at the bottom, providing easy attachment to nearby metal surfaces with a force greater than 2.2 lbs.

CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE - A carry bag with a size marker and layering design accompanies the level set, simplifying storage and preventing damage caused by friction between tools. The hook holes design allows for easy hanging when the level set is not in use, making it an ideal tool for both household furnishings and carpentry work.


• 12" Torpedo Level: Features - 45°, 90°, and 180° easy-to-read leveling bubbles, two powerful magnets at the bottom (force greater than 2.2 lbs), made from durable aluminum alloy.
• 20" & 40" Spirit Levels: Features - 90° and 180° easy-to-read leveling bubbles, open top view design, made from durable aluminum alloy.


-- Ensuring precise measurements in carpentry projects, resulting in accurate cuts and joints.
-- Ideal for home improvement tasks such as hanging pictures or installing shelves, guaranteeing a professional finish.
-- Suitable for aligning tiles during installation, ensuring a level and neat arrangement.
-- Useful in construction projects for accurate leveling and alignment of materials.
-- Excellent for DIY projects, providing high accuracy for successful project completion.

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