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5pc Magnetic LED Pick-Up & Mirror Tool Set With Tray
SKU: DT40125


This innovative tool set is a game-changer in the realm of retrieval and inspection. Equipped with magnetic pick-up tools and an LED flashlight, it simplifies the task of reaching and retrieving items from tight spaces while providing ample illumination. The set also includes a mirror tool for inspecting hard-to-see areas and a handy tray for storing loose components, making it an essential toolkit for householders and mechanics alike.

The strength of the rare-earth Neodymium alloy magnet is truly remarkable. It can attract steel tools, nails, screws, rivets, washers, cable and pipe clips, and more, ensuring no small objects are lost or unreachable. However, users should note that it's not suitable for non-ferrous materials like aluminium.


EXTENDABLE REACH - The set includes stainless steel telescopic tools that extend up to 780mm and 635mm respectively. These tools, coupled with a non-slip PVC grip handle, have the capacity to lift flat-sized weights up to 6.8kg, making retrieval tasks easier and more efficient.

ILLUMINATING DESIGN - The inclusion of a 3-LED torch flashlight enhances visibility in dark areas. With a bendable metal neck that stays at all angles and a slimline steel housing, it's perfect for illuminating under car seats, drains, and other dark spaces. The flashlight is designed with magnets at the tip and base for added convenience.

PRACTICAL INSPECTION AND STORAGE - The telescopic mirror tool, featuring a double-ball hinge joint for tilting and rotational freedom, allows for detailed inspection in difficult-to-reach areas. The set also includes a magnetized mini-tray for keeping loose components and accessories at hand, and a splash-proof polyester Oxford Cloth roll-up tool bag for easy storage and transportation.


• 2pc Magnetic Pick-Up Tools: Constructed from stainless steel, these tools can extend up to 780mm (approximately 30.7 inches) and 635mm (approximately 25 inches) respectively. They come with a non-slip PVC grip handle and have a lifting capacity of up to 6.8kg (approximately 15 pounds).

• 3-LED Torch Flashlight: Housed in slimline steel, this flashlight can extend up to 565mm (approximately 22.2 inches). It features a bendable metal neck and magnets at the tip and base for added convenience.

• Telescopic Mirror: Equipped with a double-ball hinge joint for freedom of rotation and tilting, the mirror has a total length of 695mm (approximately 27.4 inches).

• Magnetized Mini-Tray: This tray stores loose components and sticks to metal surfaces for easy access.

• Roll-Up Tool Bag: Made from splash-proof polyester Oxford Cloth, this bag is designed for easy storage and transportation. It comes with reinforced hanging holes.


-- Retrieval of dropped metal tools and components in workshops or garages.
-- Inspection and retrieval of items from underneath furniture or car seats.
-- Use in kitchens for picking up dropped utensils or keys.
-- Illumination of dark areas like drains or vents during inspections.
-- Safe storage and easy transportation of small tools and accessories.

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