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6pc Precision Mini Pliers Set - End Nipper, Diagonal Cutter, Needle Nose, Long Nose, Bent Nose, and Flat Nose
SKU: DT40382


In the realm of precision tasks, the right set of tools can make all the difference. This six-piece mini pliers set is perfectly sized for intricate work, offering a range of options to cater to diverse needs. Crafted from heavy-duty high carbon steel, these pliers are as durable as they are versatile.

Polished to a fine finish, each tool in this set not only looks professional but also performs to the highest standards. The comfort grips and spring return feature ensure easy, fatigue-free use, making these tools a reliable companion for detailed, precision work.


PRECISION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - The six tools in this set are designed for precision work, ideal for handling circuitry, models, and hobby materials. Each tool is forged from heavy-duty high carbon steel, ensuring lasting durability and consistent performance. Their compact size makes them perfect for intricate tasks where larger tools might struggle.

PRACTICAL DESIGN - These pliers boast a polished finish, giving them a professional look that matches their performance. The comfort grips are designed to minimize hand fatigue during prolonged use, making these tools an excellent choice for projects that require precision and attention to detail. The spring return feature facilitates easy cutting action, enhancing user experience and efficiency.

A TOOL FOR EVERY TASK - This set includes a 4-1/4 in. diagonal cutter, 5-3/4 in. needle nose pliers, 4-3/4 in. long nose pliers, 4-3/4 in. flat nose pliers, 4-3/4 in. bent nose pliers, and 4 in. end nippers. Each tool serves a specific purpose, providing versatility and flexibility for a wide range of applications.


• Diagonal Cutter: 4-1/4 in. size
• Needle Nose Pliers: 5-3/4 in. size
• Long Nose Pliers: 4-3/4 in. size
• Flat Nose Pliers: 4-3/4 in. size
• Bent Nose Pliers:4-3/4 in. size
• End Nippers: 4 in. size
Ideal for precision work
Features spring return for easy cutting action
Polished finish for professional look


-- Perfect for working with circuitry, where their precision design can handle intricate wiring with ease.
-- Ideal for hobbyists working on models, thanks to their compact size and precision performance.
-- Suitable for DIY projects that require detailed work, due to their range of functionalities.
-- Great for professionals who need reliable, durable tools for precision tasks.
-- Essential for tasks that require a strong and secure grip, thanks to their comfort grips.

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