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75pc Electronics Repair and Opening Tool Kit Set including S2 Steel Precision Driver Bits
SKU: DT37004


Introducing a comprehensive tool kit set designed with the needs of DIY enthusiasts in mind. This set is packed with precision tools made from high-quality S2 steel, offering an unmatched blend of durability and precision.

The kit is more than just a collection of tools; it’s a one-stop solution for a wide range of home repair tasks. From computers to everyday gadgets, this tool kit set is equipped to handle all kinds of electronic repairs, making it an indispensable addition to any household or workshop.


UNMATCHED PRECISION - When it comes to electronics repair, precision is key. That's where the non-slip grip precision bit handle and precision extension bar/post come into play. Paired with 24 S2 steel precision driver bits, these tools offer exceptional control and accuracy. The extra hardness of the S2 steel ensures the longevity of the bits, allowing for countless repair tasks.

VERSATILITY IN YOUR HANDS - This tool kit set is not just about precision; it's about versatility too. It includes full-size screwdrivers (SL1; PH1), a stainless steel utility knife, round nose pliers, diagonal cutters, and angled precision tweezers. These tools cater to a variety of repair needs, from cutting and snipping wires to handling small components. The kit also includes a 250V voltage probe test pen for safe and accurate electrical testing.

ADDITIONAL TOOLS FOR ADDED CONVENIENCE - To further enhance the user experience, the kit comes with a magnetising block, 2m electrical insulation tape, and 10 cable ties/wraps. It also includes a suction cup, two triangle picks, and two pry tool bars (flat and cross). These accessories make the disassembly and assembly process much simpler and more efficient.


• 4.5in Round Nose Pliers: Ideal for bending, repositioning, and cutting wire.
• 4.5in Diagonal Cutters: Perfect for precision cutting tasks.
• Angled Precision Tweezers: Facilitates handling of small parts.
• Precision Bit Handle with Non-Slip Grip: Ensures secure handling of bits.
• Precision Extension Bar/Post: Allows for reaching hard-to-reach screws.
• 24pc x Precision Driver Bits made from S2 Steel: Provides durability and precision.
• Magnetising Block: Ideal for magnetising and demagnetising tool bits.
• 2pc Precision Screwdrivers - SL1; PH1: Useful for a variety of screwdriving tasks.
• Stainless Steel Utility Knife: Perfect for precision cutting tasks.
• Suction Cup and 2 Triangle Picks: Useful for disassembly of gadgets.
• Pry Tool Bars – 2pc Plastic Flat & Cross and 1pc Metal: Ideal for prying open devices.


-- Home Electrical Repairs: The voltage probe test pen and insulation tape make this kit ideal for safe electrical repairs.
-- Computer Repairs: The precision driver bits and tweezers are perfect for computer repairs, especially for handling small components.
-- DIY Electronics Projects: The wide variety of tools and the versatility they offer make this kit suitable for various DIY electronics projects.
-- Gadget Disassembly and Assembly: The suction cup, triangle picks, and pry tool bars are useful for disassembling and reassembling gadgets.
-- Workshop Use: Given its comprehensive nature and the quality of the tools, this kit is ideal for use in professional workshops.

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