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8pc 1000V VDE Pliers & Screwdrivers Tool Kit Set. Complete Home Electrician Hand Tools
SKU: DT40314


Discover the versatility of this essential tool kit, designed for everyday home and garage DIY repairs. equipped with combination and long-nose pliers, perfect for wire pulling and cutting, as well as screwdrivers with insulated shanks and hardened S2 steel tips for household screws.

The set includes VDE labelled and GS Mark accredited pliers and screwdrivers, offering up to 1000V protection with purpose-built insulation for electrical safety.


VERSATILITY AT ITS BEST - This set is a must-have for anyone from DIY enthusiasts to professional electricians. It provides a range of hand tools for all your home and workshop electrical tasks, all secured in a compact, easy-to-carry zipper case. The VDE and GS standard-tested tools with thick insulated handles offer up to 1000 Volts protection, ensuring safety while you work.

PREMIUM DESIGN AND FUNCTION - Experience the ease of use with soft, wide, co-molded grips that provide great hold and allow for additional pressure when needed. Safety guards prevent hands from slipping, giving you total control. Each tool is made with #55 Heat-treated Nickel Chrome and features a blackened coating for durability and longevity.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES FOR SAFETY - The kit also includes a voltage tester probe screwdriver for live wire checks, and electrical tape for safe handling of bare wire ends. The GS Mark and VDE labeling mean product safety testing and accreditation to international standards, providing an extra layer of assurance.


VDE Combination Pliers:
• 170mm length, ideal for pulling and gripping wires
• Built-in mini cutters for efficient wire cutting

VDE Long Nose Pliers:
• 170mm length, perfect for accessing tight spaces
• Equipped with mini cutters for convenient wire cutting

2x VDE Phillips Screwdrivers:
• PH1 and PH2 models, both with insulated shanks
• Made of heat-treated S2 Steel for enhanced hardness

2x VDE Slot/Flat Head Screwdrivers:
• Two sizes available: 0.4mm thick / 2.5mm tip and 0.8mm thick / 4mm tip
• Constructed from heat-treated S2 Steel for extra durability

Voltage Tester Probe Screwdriver:
• Operates within a range of 125-250V
• Useful for detecting live wires and active mains sockets

Electrical Insulating Tape:
• Comes in a 10m roll
• Provides up to 1000V protection when wrapping wire ends or making temporary insulation repairs

Zipper Case:
• Convenient for storing and carrying all the above tools
• Protects the tools from damage and keeps them organized


-- Home Electrical Maintenance: The complete set, especially with the inclusion of both Phillips and Slot/Flat Head Screwdrivers, is perfect for homeowners looking to tackle common electrical repairs and installations.

-- Safe Circuit Testing: The Voltage Tester Probe Screwdriver is an essential tool for DIY enthusiasts to safely identify live wires and ensure the correct functioning of household circuits before beginning any work.

-- Professional Wiring Jobs: Electricians will find the VDE Combination Pliers and Long Nose Pliers invaluable for pulling, gripping, and cutting wires with precision in both tight spaces and standard installations.

-- Durable Tool Collection for Apprentices: The heat-treated S2 Steel construction of the screwdrivers offers enhanced hardness, making this kit a long-lasting investment for apprentices starting in the electrical trade.

-- Organized and Mobile Repair Work: The zipper case not only keeps the tools organized, making it easier to find the right tool for the job, but also provides a convenient way for professionals and DIYers alike to carry their tools to various job sites or around the home.

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