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8pc Multi Size Hole Punch Tool with 100pc Grommet Eyelet Set for Textile Materials and Fabrics
SKU: DT30225


Embrace the power of versatility with this all-in-one tool kit tailored for leatherwork and textiles. The kit combines a variety of components, including a hole puncher and spare brass pad, to cater to a spectrum of crafting needs.

The kit's standout feature is its ability to punch holes in a range of sizes, a function that proves invaluable when working with different materials. The inclusion of a ruler and screwdriver further enhances its practicality, making it an essential addition to any DIY toolkit.


VERSATILITY AT ITS FINEST - This kit offers a solution for a multitude of crafting needs. At its core is a belt hole puncher capable of creating six different sized holes, catering to various material thicknesses and project requirements. Whether it's leather, plastic, canvas, or fabric, this tool delivers precision and ease.

QUALITY AND DURABILITY - Crafted from plated steel, the hole puncher promises longevity. It boasts high hardness and durability, essential qualities for a tool meant to withstand consistent use. The metal's surface is treated with spray lacquer to prevent oxidation, preserving its quality over time. Additionally, the included brass pad features a thickness design that enhances safety during use.

ERGONOMICS MEETS COMFORT - With a double-lever mechanism, the hole puncher ensures optimum force distribution, minimizing strain during prolonged use. Its handles are cushioned and non-slip, providing a comfortable grip. These ergonomic features make the tool ideal for repetitive work, preventing sore hands and blisters.


• 1 x Set of matched mandrels (2 pcs)
• 100 x Sets of grommets eyelets
• 1 x Hole puncher
• 1 x Hole size dial
• 3 x Spare brass pads
• 1 x Screwdriver
• 1 x Carborundum rod
• 1 x Ruler
• Hole Sizes: 2mm (5/64 inch), 2.5mm (3/32 inch), 3mm (1/8 inch), 3.5mm (9/64 inch), 4mm (5/32 inch), and 4.5mm (11/64 inch)


-- Leatherwork: The hole puncher is perfect for creating precise holes in leather pieces, making it ideal for crafting belts, bags, and other leather goods.
-- Fabric Crafting: It can be used to punch holes in fabric for various design elements, such as eyelets and decorative stitching.
-- Plastic Crafts: The hole puncher can create clean holes in plastic materials, expanding its usability beyond just textiles.
-- Canvas Work: It's a great tool for canvas work, allowing for easy installation of grommets and other hardware.
-- DIY Projects: With its range of components and versatility, it's a must-have for any DIY enthusiast looking to expand their crafting capabilities.

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