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8pc Wood Chisel Tool Kit Set. 6 Chisels with Honing Guide and Sharpening Stone Accessories in a Case
SKU: DT30280


This eight-piece wood chisel set is a robust (through-tang) and elegant addition to any toolbox, perfect for carving and other carpentry tasks. Made from chrome vanadium steel, these bench chisels are built to withstand even the most intense chiselling in hardwoods.

The set stands out with its sharp keen edge, designed for a variety of woodworking tasks such as cutting dovetails and shaving rough surfaces. The chisels can maintain a sharp edge, thanks to the included oil stone, ensuring they can withstand hard knocks while still delivering both fine-paring cuts and rough chopping cuts.


ROBUST AND DURABLE - These chisels have been crafted from thick, durable steel, allowing them to withstand mallet blows and enabling tougher work. The fully forged steel ergonomic hand tools run clear from the blades to the striking caps for strength and durability.

PRECISE AND SHARP - These woodworking chisels come with a sharp keen edge that can cut dovetails, mortise, shave rough surfaces, and much more. An oil stone is included in the pack to keep the bench chisels sharpened, ensuring they can handle hard knocks while also holding a sharp edge for both fine-paring cuts and rough chopping cuts.

COMFORTABLE AND SECURE - The handles of these chisels are made of tough polypropylene material with soft inserts for a comfortable and secure grip. These wood carving chisel handles are contoured for comfort and control that feature TPR inserts for a sure grip.


• Full-length bevel edged blades, chrome vanadium steel, and clear lacquer coated for corrosion resistance
• 6mm wood chisel
• 12mm wood chisel
• 20mm wood chisel
• 26mm wood chisel
• 32mm wood chisel
• 38mm wood chisel
• 2-sided sharpening oil stone (120 and 240 grit): Keeps chisels sharp and ready for use
• Honing guide: Ensures precise sharpening of chisels


-- Excellent for cutting dovetails: The sharp keen edge of these chisels makes them perfect for this task.
-- Ideal for shaving rough surfaces: These chisels can easily smooth out rough wood surfaces.
-- Perfect for heavy-duty carving and shaping: The larger chisels in the set are ideal for these tasks.
-- Great for maintaining sharpness: The included oil stone keeps the chisels sharp for both fine-paring cuts and rough chopping cuts.
-- Suitable for a variety of woodworking tasks: The different sizes of chisels make this set versatile for a range of projects.

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