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4pc Retractable Blade Utility Knives - Metal and Rubber Handles
SKU: DT10735


Built for heavy-duty tasks, this set of four utility knives features a robust metal design complemented by comfortable rubber handles. Equipped with retractable and adjustable blades, these knives provide precise cuts on various materials, making them an essential tool for any toolbox.

Each knife in the set offers a quick-release feature for easy blade replacement, ensuring longevity and continuous high performance. The set comes complete with additional blade refills, offering convenience and extended usability.


ROBUST AND DURABLE - Crafted with a durable metal body, these utility knives are designed to withstand the rigors of both professional and home use. The 2pc pair have rubber grips to ensure comfortable handling, allowing for precision in every cut, whether it's slicing through plastic packaging or cutting straps.

PRECISION AND SAFETY - The retractable and adjustable blade mechanism allows for exact cuts, easily retracting to lock safely within the metal frame when not in use. This ensures maximum safety without compromising on the tool's effectiveness, making it a reliable choice for a variety of tasks.

CONVENIENT BLADE REPLACEMENT - With a simple press of the red button, users can quickly and safely replace the razor blade. Each knife comes with a refill pouch containing extra blades, eliminating the need for frequent purchases and ensuring the tools are always ready for use.


• Material: Durable metal body with 2pc pair rubber grip handles and 2pc pair with metal alloy body handles
• Design: Retractable and adjustable blade mechanism, quick-release feature for easy blade replacement
• Blades: Refill pouch included, containing 10 extra utility knife blades for the 4pc set and 5 extra blades for each 2pc set
• Dimensions: 1.5” Width x 6” Length
• Compatibility: Suitable for cutting boxes, plastic packaging, and straps


-- Packaging Tasks: The sharp blades make it easy to open and cut through various packaging materials.
-- DIY Projects: These knives are ideal for cutting materials in a variety of DIY tasks.
-- Professional Use: Their robust construction makes them suitable for professional applications such as cutting straps.
-- Blade Replacement: The quick-release feature allows for easy blade changes, enhancing the tool's convenience and longevity.
-- Portability: The compact size and lightweight design make these knives easy to carry, making them ideal for on-the-go tasks.

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